Let’s challenge it with MPS Development

So, all we are humans and being honest, we can’t live without computers and information technology. The same can be said about web developers. Who will write far-fetched programmes, applications, turning the desired into reality? Nowadays, IT sphere is so “much-loved” that many of us are seriously thinking about changing professions! But who is this secret person who drives the modern technology life? You are right — a programmer! Let’s see, what real software development company «MPS Development» thinks and talks!

MPS Development is a software development company with more than ten experience. The company’s goal and mission are to create revolutionary products that will change the world for the better, including a variety of Web applications, flight simulators, drones management systems. MPS Development has two successful start-ups. Everybody knows such organisation like NASA, but few in Ukraine know that one of the technologically supported MPS Development start-ups is a part of the working group for the rules and regulations’ development for unmanned traffic in the US! And this is a world recognition!

Very often on the forums, marketplaces sounds the same question: Why not to take an interview with an ordinary programmer rather than with the top person in a company who has achieved success in the IT field?» The answer is simple, MPS Development is a team and not a small one with the strong corporate culture where our zeal for development always takes the first place.

CEO, CTO, project managers, sellers are people who drive the company, not only manage it. These are people — fans of their own business, who challenge new technologies, methodologies, and are not afraid to take risks to achieve their goals.

Vitaly Baranovsky, Chief Executive Officer


“Ideal web developer for our company is a passionate person, who is ready to meet challenges, solve complex problems and never stop programming. Reading books, continuous development, learning up-to-date technologies and programming languages — it goes without saying. MPS Development provides unique offers — creative and nontypical problems’ solutions, where a programmer are granted not only a good salary but an interesting and exciting work. But for today, it’s is few and far between.

MPS Development works directly such countries as USA, Canada, Europe, and of course Ukraine. Our clients are people who ready to pay to get highly technological, qualified and up-to-date product. In this case, the final result is worth both material and intellectual costs. We actively offer real solutions to the problem, improve the project at all stages of the development, being in continuous contact with customers. MPS Development considers nobody as an example to emulate. We are technology company working on cutting edge tech stack. I can confidently say that being fond of your work is a crucial systematic thing in a person. Many guys are rushing to IT companies, not realising that big money is paid to real experts. Just code, live it, evolve, catch high and satisfaction because at work you spend a third of your life!»

Dmitriy Yavorskiy, Chief Technology Officer

Dmitriy Yavorskiy MPS Development

“We write in JAVA, develop code with a balance — the speed of writing and executing. Java works hurriedly. For one High load project, we need four-five engineers and much less time than when working with low-level languages like C ++. While doing so, we’ve got better productivity and performance as in the case of scripting languages, such as Python, PHP, etc.

Our team has been continuously enhancing already written projects, consequently optimising a code. MPS Development professionals are keeping up with the progress. Our primary task is to meet all customers requirements (he needs “quality-support-good price-and-in time”). For achieving it, previously developed modules reusing is being significant. MPS Development has launched many projects, but the unique ones are flight simulator and drones control system. It is exciting, isn’t it? But for the level of complexity, we hire experienced programmers in our team, who immediately are engaged in the process, without spending time studying. Applied knowledge is essential for our company but not corporate development. How to be successful in IT? Love what you do, read less theory but try everything in practice. Think about your own projects and“to make them alive”. It’s easy, like Java!”

Slava Chernysh, Chief Business Development Officer & Iryna Belinska, Business Development Manager

“The algorithm of MPS Development is simple: the idea, its formulation, and implementation. But at the beginning of the journey is the stage of conquering the client. We direct him in the right way to achieve success. A meaningful moment in working with the «remote» clients is to convince the customer about the security of the arrangement because we deliver information through the Internet channel. Working with Western countries is easier. They know about the programmers’  level in Ukraine, and accordingly the price, in comparison with their native ones, it sounds much more attractive. Moreover, we are not behind the skills, only ahead!

MPS Development offers complex technological solutions, which are confirmed by expertise. The IT market is competitive, and there are many products, as well as relevant areas. But if you dig deeper, each application is adapted to the business in a particular niche. Knowing the majority of nuances, the product development niceties and having an experience in a certain market segment, we increase the company’s chances of getting a moneyed project. And here is the value for the client. Our company is open to dialogue with customers,  guarantees 100% result, and provide a joint control over the project. MPS Development represents professionalism, fulfilment of the tasks in time, high quality. We are fully customer-oriented. A beginner who is going to be a part a team should understand that functions are not just code, but also people, processes. Team decision making and experience for the project are fundamental qualities of MPS Development employee. English is by default. The main thing is not to be afraid of complex projects. We like to meet challenges and create innovations. Ready for the challenge — face the action!»

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