Business Analyst. Autobiography

Hello! My name is Business Analyst, and today I will spend with you, my dear reader, some time describing an interesting and exciting life of BA. My profession is very popular and highly demanding in the contemporary business market! I am involved almost everywhere when it goes to understanding, analysing, and facilitating.

First of all, I want to provide an insight into what is Business Analysis. BA is an activity or even a practice to implement changes in the company by designating needs and providing solutions which will bear significant value.

After understanding the process of analysis let’s go further. So what do I do? Business analyst answers complex strategic questions and works with deep and integrated problems. Nowadays, Business Analyst performance seems to be very easy and overestimated for some young specialists. Confusing, but it’s true.

Classically, Business Analyst is the person who analyses business demands of the organisation, formulates ways and schemes of enhancing business-processes, conducts strategic planning. Business Analyst can be in charge of the specific field of company activity or the whole enterprise indeed.  

Let’s dive into my activity of IT Business Analyst. Every day I deal with analysis and involvement with program products’ specifications.


Depending on company’s activity sphere, BA can play different vital roles:
  • Dealing with product enhancement in the enterprise- in case if a company develops own solutions, and;
  • Business analysts in outsourcing and out staff companies — those people who are thrown at the forefront of working with customers. They are engaged in gathering requirements, drawing up technical specifications and many others. To be blunt, here I am!

One of my primary task in IT outsourcing company is to work directly with a customer and take control of the product development quality. And, of course, the main aim is to create a product which fully meets client’s requirements.

Being a linker between customer and development team, business analyst leads a client from the beginning up to the end of project creation according to the complexity level. Also, business analyst actively participates on the primary stage to find, gather, and describe requirements and delivers gained information to the team. Moreover, I, as a BA, is engaged in such procedures like new functions’ descriptions and changes’ implementation in technical requirements, arising during the project development.  I clarify all customer wishes, requests and instructions; consult a client on controversial or technical issues, and suggest the best ways to solve the tasks. In fact, my main goal is to maintain the connection between customer’s idea and real end-product.

As a business analyst, I need to bear in mind such factors:
  • formulation of high-level requirements for the software products;
  • compilation of its structure and connections between elements;
  • definition of the technologies and/or used software solutions;
  • design of user interface, format and method of the interaction between the user and the program — of course, at a certain level of abstraction.

As you can see, I am working on the edge of many different and not very interrelated areas. My working process is tricky with a neverending search for the solution. 

Looking forward to seeing you again, my dear reader.
Best regards,

P.S. «To make everybody happy» is my life credo as a Business Analyst.

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