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Web Developer, who are you? Being a little bit theoretic, a programmer or dev professional is a specialist in IT technology in the field of web development. His primary task is to turn into reality different ideas and transform them into applications. Web developer creates a digital world. Hardly any approach can be applied without creative brain and mind of the programmer. Web developer writes technical requirements for each site, project. He designs dynamic pages and interfaces for databases. This professional thinks and acts on the cutting technology edge.

To Do List of the programmer:

•   quick reference to the tasks and understanding of the project concept;
•   writing of the programs needed for the future project application and functioning;
•   maintenance and management of existing systems;
•   the solution to the different business issues.


Pros and cons of being a web developer

The profession of a web programmer, like any other, has both positive and negative sides. Here some advantages:

•   High demand for such specialists in the marketplace;
•   The creativity of the workflow: each task is being unique and can be solved in different alternative ways;
•   The ability to study and develop programming skills;
•   Less theory, more practice;
•   The opportunity to become a well-paid specialist at a young age;
•   Infinite decision-making process.

However, we can’t avoid mentioning the disadvantages as well:
•   Non-standard working hours;
•   If we are talking about a small project, in this case, a web developer has to deal with several projects simultaneously, continually switching between different tasks.

After putting you into the picture, now we are ready to go up!

11 steps to defining an ideal Web developer avatar!

How often do you hear: “I am a web developer!” But what about being a successful specialist? Freelancer or company worker, you have to stand out from the crowd, be different! Let’s equip your personality with the typical programmer mindset.

Be passionate, not passive! Ask yourself what kind of activity inspires you! Are you happy with the job you do? Are you ready to meet obstacles and overcome them? Does a new project of creating web app excites you? What about coding all day long? Are you satisfied with a web lifestyle? If there are more YES, you are at the right place.

WHY? Simple question and so hard to answer. Agree? But still, why have you decided to become a web developer? For instance: to solve complex technological problems, to work on an exciting project or to make our world better? Defining WHYs will help you go forward in your self-development.

Interesting or not? Are you ready for a quick test? Who you are: a hard nut to crack and interested in complex, logical problem solving — BACK-END is the option. Creativity, design and visual are your keys to success, and the answer is FRONT-END. Decide what the most evolving actions for you are?

Schedule your wishes! Think about time allocation for studying. Find out how much free time do you have to discover something new. Try to be multifunctional in your profession. Combine coding with business essentials. Thrive on the result and further findings! But don’t overload your brain processor. For example, one month for design fundamentals, next for JavaScript, moreover, freelancing fundamentals, etc.

Discipline. Inspiration and motivation to conquer web development peak won’t last forever. Be strict towards yourself and discipline your life.

Social Media! It’s not a joke! Even if you are rushed, don’t forget to sign in Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter. Be social!

Being a boaster is your second I. Create a portfolio of all the projects, sites, and applications you have worked on. This way is the best to tell people about personal achievements.

Engagement in open projects. With this kind of activity, you’ll be able to advance not only professional expertise but also improve team-building and communicational skills.

Never give up. Developers meet challenges every hour, day, and week. If you have a “bug” in your code, you won’t succeed without solving this task! Switch on a development stubbornness and go back to the problem.

Personal experience and growth. Development is never ending process of studying. It doesn’t matter how many years of experience are behind your back, keep learning all the time. Climbing up the career ladder, don’t forget to show your “have done” rather then “I can”.

Be “bipolar” developer. While working on your project, think like professional: as a potential user and a business owner. Test what you’ve done and try to give clear answers to all the questions which can occur while working on the project!

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