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About us

We follow modern approaches to minimize solution cost and improve overall quality:

  • Automated software testing
  • Prototyping
  • UI/UX
  • Agile (Scrum, Kanban) and Waterfall methodologies
  • MVP Development
  • Post production support
  • Employee training
  • User and administrator documentation

Our services

Web Development

Create Web applications using modern approaches and technologies, like Angular 1, 2/4/5, React and other frontend frameworks on backend and frontend application levels.

Startup support

Need help creating rapid prototypes, Model-View-Presenter (MVP) and Demos? We’ve run our own startups, so we know the pains and problems involved. Let us help you solve your problems and impress investors at the early stage.

Full stack Software Solutions

We can create the best software to bring your business idea to life. We excel at building complex, high-load and extendable solution on backend, frontend, and application levels.

Industry expertise

We specialize in the following web and desktop solutions: simulators, GIS, 3D visualization, solutions for UAVs, tracking and navigation systems, aviation, logistics and warehousing, e-learning and training, travel.

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Our technology stack

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Our partners

We bring your ideas to life

Our mission is to help our clients to achieve success. With team of experienced developers, analysts, managers, Quality Assurance engineers and consultants, we build optimal solutions to support client business.

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If you have an idea, questions or are ready to build a software solution, please, don’t hesitate to fill in this form. We are ready to provide you with free consultation, help you with your IT-related questions and become your reliable software partner.

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