How to «catch» the best development agency

Have an idea but don’t know how to formulate it. Want to execute your business project but don’t have the right company to do it. Our digital life becomes a nuisance without experienced web development company. You can think, but only a programmer can implement.

What is the mechanism of the web development company selection and crucial points to pay attention to! Let’s start!

< Experience and the good match of services provided by the company;
< The scope of knowledge and expertise in relevant business fields;
< Software quality, professional approach, and consultations on a technology stack;
< Rapid decision-making and  comfort timezone for communication with a client;
< Commercial flexibility;
< Expert in contracting, correct reporting, client’s control on every stage, and collaboration transparency.


All these facts are essential to complete an ideal web development company avatar but HOW and WHERE to find this agency?

Be ready to remember SIX KEY POINTS how “to catch” the best and right web development company.

THINK about your project, define its scope and objectives. It’s your business and working together with a team can help you choose a potential business partner. And this is your FIRST key point.

SECOND point — UNDERSTANDING. You are not alone! Yes! Share your ideas with a potential partner, ask as many questions as you need, because only real professionals can put you in details and enhance your project on the “mind-stage”. Also, don’t forget about the human factor. It plays a significant role even in choosing a web-dev agency. For clearing the information up, read all the feedbacks and opinions provided by other clients. Compare their thoughts with your point of view.

Number THREE. As soon as you have a list of potential partners you have to DECIDE who you want to work with: a big company or smaller outsource team. Remember — fewer people, more flexibility and efforts.

Once you allocate several candidates, INVESTIGATE them. Visit web development companies’ websites, check their skills*. You have to be interested in portfolios and detailed description of the projects. If you want to get additional information, just request it directly from company team. Step #FOUR revealed!

*Investigation phase checklist:

Skills — try to formulate your future project plainly. Decide what you want to see and what don’t! Be sure of your wishes and start looking for an experienced web agency! Experienced — it doesn’t mean to be a “supercompany”! Search narrowly, find those specifications which match perfectly with your project. For example, complex web application development, full stack solutions, back-end and front-end developments can be your option!

Website is a valid channel for getting information. Honestly, a site is must-have for a web development agency. If you are going to do business with those guys, you have to be a digital Sherlock Holmes. Read About Us, go to Services, Portfolio, Blog. Every company tries to catch the attention of a potential customer. You won’t waste your time but only enrich your knowledge base. Moreover, don’t forget to “run” through Social Media. Gather word-of-mouth information about your potential collaborator.

Portfolio is the company visual background! It will tell you about main company services, specification, the ins and outs of the projects, developers have worked on.

Ready for high #FIVE. NEGOTIATION processes with your potential company partner. Discuss all provided services, high stack technologies, methodology and delivery. Don’t forget about the financial side. Find your golden mean in the project implementation.

A little hint from marketing specialists what to ask about:

Project Management — be ready to hear how does a company work;

Price — cheaper doesn’t mean better. “Catchy” prices often can signify the absence of the related experience in project development. Sometimes agencies don’t know all pitfalls they can meet as obstacles while working on the development. Many web dev companies intensively decrease the price to sniff the client but then recalculate and present the customer with a much higher bill. That’s why price formation process must be transparent at the very beginning.

Communication — Video-conference is one more step to find out the level of reliance. It is very decisive to be heard and understood. Also, while speaking, you will be able to see real people, their office, rate the English level. Real competent specialist adjust their workflow to your demand, taking into account your remarks.

And finally one more crucial SIX fact. Choose that TEAM you can efficiently work and communicate on a daily base.

Also, there is one more option, tricky one but very useful. After having spent some time communicating with your potential web development agency you can ask for a list of existing clients who have similar projects, needs and budget scope to dot the “i”s before signing the contract.

Be ready to consider such issues:

<  How long have you been working with a web development agency?
< What about project delivering time and additional funds usage?
< What was the agency good at?
< What do you want to improve in future cooperation with web agency?
< Will you hire this agency for another your project?

As you can see, there is nothing “specified” but only trusted and experienced company will allow you to speak to their clients. Remember, you are the key player and can get as much information as you need for valuing future partner.

You have to get a clear vision of what your team is going to do, what services and skills are needed to go further and set up the project to succeed.

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